Katie Jones is suffering from wanderlust. Problem is, she can’t quit her job at a luxury hotel in San Diego to chase it. She decides to mix things up with a handful of female employees frustrated with their stale lives. The hotel is on the ocean. Why not start an employee rowing team? It’s a good idea on paper. A very bad idea when executed. The Windamere is not the well-oiled machine Katie thinks it is. There is a loud rumbling beneath the calm surface controlled by Simon Simples, the eccentric and misanthropic General Manager with low expectations of his employees and a dirty secret. When strong-willed Katie becomes his target, let the games begin!




Salvador SeBasco ***** (5 out of 5 stars)


Member National Book Critics Circle




"Intriguing and alluring. Hickey's mastery is in his intellectual architecture and how the characters' entrenched motivations mesh together with synchronicity.


What I loved most is that no matter how much I tried to predict what would take place next, I was gladly proven wrong.


The real testament is that I still care about its characters, and that after 352 pages I am disappointed it had to end. And what a finish!."




AMAZON REVIEWS: (5 stars) *****




- Good story line, and interesting ending! I like the way the author blends together so many characters from so many different walks of life. Well written and kept my interest the whole way through.




- Barry James Hickey does it again going the distance with yet another book that kept me involved and entertained. He has a way of making the unlikable likable and the likable loveable with the way he builds and molds his characters. Just when I thought the storyline was heading in one direction, Mr. Hickey threw a curve and took me down a whole different road. Fun and deceit go a long way hand in hand in this daring and humorous book about starting a new life, making friends and coming to grips with one's compassion for others, no matter where they came from. Hickey has become my new favorite author. I can hardly wait to see what comes next!










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