A widow and her her curious twelve year old twins quickly learn there is a thin line between madness and genius. Their new home in Purgatory, Illinois has secrets. What will happen on Halloween? Why is the ancient society known as ECHO lurking in the shadows? Why were they really invited here? Waking Purgatory is a riveting mystery exploding with unfulfilled family legacies soaked in despair against man’s obsession to find and open the blind spot between heaven and hell.


***** 5 star reviews on Amazon!

Waking Purgatory is gripping from the very beginning. It reminds me of the early works of Stephen King. I would highly recommend Waking Purgatory to all horror fans. Barry James Hickey has created a new spin on the origin of zombies and their relation to heaven, hell and a small town named Purgatory.


A scary and fun read! Waking Purgatory was an easy, engaging read with a suspenseful story line that carried through to the end. Characters were vividly interesting and diverse. Hickey did an excellent job creating an appealing story for any age group. I could easily envision a Spielberg movie from the screenplay. (Richard Zahradnik on July 27, 2013 - print edition)

Excellent read. Great storyline, interesting characters and an ending you won't believe. It's a must have to take to the beach this summer. (Coolpablo on July 15, 2013 - Kindle edition)