Hollywood is an enigma. Believe me, I spent 17 years there. Cable television was just launching and everybody was making films. Besides acting, writing, producing and directing independent feature films, I worked for the play makers at Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and CBS. Crazy long days with brilliant minds and big budgets on theatrical pictures, movies of the week and mini-series. I also worked with heads of production and development, program directors, press departments, casting directors, costumes, lots of legal, worldwide distribution, corporate communications and more. I had the pleasure of working with Roy Disney a few times when his assistant went on vacation. He was building a castle in Ireland and had to decide which way he wanted his moat to flow. We flushed a toilet, watched it drain and called the builder. I also met a handful of dishonest people... Guess I'll have to write a book someday. When I moved to Colorado I shot a picture with Rick Zahradnik called THE SUMMER INTERN. It was a sweet film and a fantastic experience. The budget was $8,000. The funniest little 90 minute film ever made. We're finally getting around to putting it out there for digital distribution online.

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